Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch

Established in 2001 by Donna and Rob Soneson, the Cottage Lane Pumpkin patch is a wonderful little family farm operation that provides more then just pumpkins. Each year during the spring, fall, and holiday seasons, the Soneson Family welcomes hundreds of visitors to their farmstead. The home, hog barn, and other surrounding buildings each have their own unique story. You will first notice the Soneson home in the middle of the farm. It is a cottage style, prairie styled farmhouse with a lane wrapped around it. You will see big beautiful old cottonwood trees framing the farm with Big Creek in the background. The home itself is an original 1926 Montgomery Ward home kit that was ordered, brought in by railroad and assembled on site. The garage was an old railroad depot building from Ellis that was moved in later. The original hog barn was built in the 1940's. It once housed hogs from the barn to the creek. The two chicken coops are original as well. The large coop housed the hens and roosters, while the small coop housed the chicks. Later on, they housed goats and coon dogs, among other things! Today the hog barn and chicken coops have been restored and are open during the annual seasonal events.


Families, group tours, field trips and any individuals that want to visit the Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch are invited to the farm during their seasonal events. Appointments need to be made in advance for group tours or field trips. To find out specific dates and times for any of the events at the Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch call 785-726-2490.